For me inspiration is what makes the world go round. It is what allows new things to happen, it is what creates wonder, a hope and finally the intention and will to change. Be it things in your life, yourself, be it the world around you or your relationships. Inspiration for me is that 1st seed which makes the world a better place. It is what makes me challenge myself, makes me look at newer things, gives me the courage to explore and go beyond my comfort zone, each time.  It is what propels me to go looking for beauty and then the inspiration I find makes me come back and want to create or re-create a bit of that in my life. Inspiration is what binds me to you and creates the joy in the 6 degrees of separation or connectedness - whichever way you look at it.

Statutory Warning: This section is loooong. Proceed only if you have time :)

Inspiration is what I was looking for and what I found on the internet when I stumbled upon Holly Becker's Decor8blog. It is inspired by her that I began my blog ArtnLight in 2007 August, and then went onto making my products in 2009 that finally led to this website and this page here.

Inspiration is what I find when I take my products to exhibitions. I find inspiration in my fellow entrepreneurs, in their journeys, in their challenges which might be as daunting as mine. But when I see them, I am assured that here are these guys, doing what they are doing, with as much hardwork, as much committent and as much courage. And it gives me the only push I need to keep on.

Clockwise: Varnam, Neha Ganghi's Matsya, Kanika Bahl's Anek Designs, Karishma Sahani's Ka.Sha. Madhu's Loose Ends, Himanshu Verma's Red Earth.

Being an inspiration junkie is what makes me take to travel in a such a big way. The thirst to be in a new space, see, explore, learn, meet new people and absorb just by watching is what makes travel so happy making. It takes me out of my comfort zone, makes me think on my feet.

It is knowing Ritika Mittal and seeing her in her beloved Nagaland, an experience within India so different from any definition I had of India. It is seeing a culture so resplendent and fierce with such a striking aesthetic language, that it cannot merge but will always shine singularly in its uniqueness.


Inspiration is Christine Mason Miller whose art and writing i am a huge a fan of. Getting a chance to work with her and be a part of her amazing book "Desire to Inspire" in which "readers will be introduced to twenty extraordinary women - writers, artists and entrepreneurs - all of whom share a unique example of how they create a meaningful life and, in turn, make a positive impact on the world." If someone said you can't be a writer and an artist you must see her work, and she is such an inspiration for all the creative people out there who think being 'organised and disciplined is difficult. Christine embodies creativity, love and discipline, all in one :)

With me in the picture on the right are Jennifer Lee, founder of Artizen Coaching and author of many empowering books and Kate Swoboda of

Inspiration is the painter of Goddesses and artist Dithi Mukherjee and seeing the incredibly atmospheric Kolkatta through her eyes. It is walking the lanes and feeling a sense of wonder at the warmth of the people and silently feeling a 100 years of tradition simply find context with today.

My experience at the Mahakumbh will be something that I always look back at with wonder and incredulity. It showed me my country in a new light, it showed me humanity, my fellow travellers and myself in a new light. It showed me the power of faith, devotion and also facets of hinduism I had never been exposed to.


And these are my online and ongoing inspiration source - they are by no means the only people to whom I look upto for inspiration online, but these people have time and again and over the years, reinvented themselves, always raised the bar, and kept doing what they do, juggle their homes and lives and always make time to provide great original content by the sheer intensity of the love for what they do. All of us online know that we do this ALONG with everything else that we anyways do in our life. And these people here, bloggers, artists are all people whom I really look upto for their powerful online presence and contribution. And for their offline selves without which they couldn't bring to the table what they do.

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