Briefly – for those who don’t have the patience for long stories :)

Artnlight was first a blog born out of my love for art, for travel, for sharing my passion for it. I am inspired by anyone who does brilliant work and that I could share my finds and discoveries through my blog was extremely exciting for me when I began blogging in August 2007, this was pre-social media, facebook had not yet boomed in India. My blog was a way I connected with artists in India and abroad.

Inspired by what I saw when I was blogging, I started making my first few products for an exhibition in June 2009. The response was so encouraging, that with baby steps and at my own time, I kept making more products, I kept improving the finish, I kept selling. Initially all over India, then to London, Singapore, Dubai. That today ArtnLight is a brand with its own online store is something I look at with wonder. And gratitude.

In spirit ArtnLight is about colour, it is about heart, it is about made with love, it is about beauty.

It is creating beautiful products, so they can be part of your everyday life. I just make the kind of products I would like to buy if when I went shopping.

ArtnLight products naturally reflect my loves, be it Rajasthan, Bombay, travel, vintage style or typography.  Artnlight is not about mass produced beauty, each tray and box is hand-made – and I have a mad set of people who take pride in making each piece beautiful. Not perfect, but beautiful. It’s a tight team and as things stand, there is no venture capitalist or investor backing this. So when products are out of stock, it takes a little time to get made and come back on stock again. But if there are enough enquiries for it, it will happen sooner than later :)

And for those with the inclination, time and the interest, this is the story:

I would never have imagined that Artnlight will have an online store or that Artnlight will be a business or a décor accessories brand when I started writing my design& décor blog enthusiastically named ‘ArtnLight’ in August 2007. Why ArtnLight? Because both these words meant the world to me. And both these words I aspire to and are relevant to every single thing I do, to this day.

When I started blogging I was plain obsessed by it. I could think of nothing else & pretty much wanted to only blog. And it was blogging that exposed me to the ‘hand-made’ and experimental DIY world  - I saw that design bloggers across the world were trying out things irrespective of whether they were ‘art people’ or had any kind of a creative background. They were clearly having more fun than me – who was an ‘art-director’ in a well respected multinational advertising agency. Blogging inspired me and the best part was it gave me anonymity to be who I was and just have fun. It did not put any pressure on me to be cool or to be creative and that is exactly what worked for me.

Out of these experimentations and working with my hand came the first hand painted tray that I showed my friends. One thing led to another and before I knew, it I had a stall in my very 1st exhibition in June 2009. I made my first few pieces of 3D wall art with typography, I made trays, boxes. It was when I blogged about it  - and from the response I got that I realized I had something going here. When I put it up on Facebook for the 1st time, any doubts I had vanished. The response from individual buyers as well as very reputed stores was something that took me completely by surprise.

I continued working in my agency but I was also making my products and selling them and after doing this for 6 months – I realized I had to quit my job and do this full time. Quitting advertising was a long held dream, but now I had a purpose I was quitting for- to follow my heart, to travel, to fill my 24 hours with all that I loved. Which is basically what ArtnLight is - it is me following my heart and making what I love.

 And it is my privilege and joy and blessing that I always find people who value that.



Artnlight now retails at very select stores in Mumbai and Bangalore. It mainly sells online at LimeRoad.com.  And at the New International Airport T2, at the exotic store "Out of India".

Artnlight products have been featured in Elle Décor, Better Interiors, Mid-day, Better Homes & Gardens, Good Homes, Somerset Studio (a U.S publication on the creative arts), Ideal Homes & Gargens and  Kyoorius the premier Indian design magazine.


Thats me with Ronitaa Italia Dhanu, Editor, GoodHomes Magazine which awarded ArtnLight "most inspiring blogger" Award 2013.




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