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Rajasthan Green Tree Tissue Box

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SIZE : 10.75 x5.75 x 3 inches

This Green Tree design is a tribute to beautiful and artistic Rajasthan, with its lush nod towards the flora in the Royal state.

Your Tissue Box handpainted wood and then decoupaged with love. The golden details are then handpainted on it.

The tissue box is actually a Tissue Lid  - without a base. So it can be easily placed on any Cardboard branded Tissue box you buy from the market. There is a slot on top to take the tissues out. It will bring a touch of royalty to your living room coffee table or your dressing table, where ever you choose to keep it.

Care Instructions: Do keep your Art&Light product dry. To clean, damp wipe followed by a dry wipe. Dry wipe to clean.